We took the train from Cordoba to Malaga yesterday morning. It was uneventful until we arrived. Malaga was the last stop. We waited until the rush of people subsided, then went to luggage storage at the end of the car, only to find out bags were gone! We took chase, running out of the car and into the station before we realized that we had boarded the train at the other end of the car. We went back, and sure enough, there were our suitcases.

We know that no one will ever steal your suitcases from a pile of luggage: they might belong to the person right next to them. This knowledge did not prevent our hearts from stopping.

We are staying in a pedestrian-only part of Malaga, so the taxi dropped us a couple of blocks away and told us where to go.

Google maps then proceeded to mislead us, we wandered around in circles for a few minutes until a cop helped us out and set us straight.

This place is a modern apartment, all glass and chrome, poorly laid out and not very well supplied. We were able to find a little convenience store opened on Easter Sunday and got miscellaneous supplies.

The weather on this trip has been pretty gray and cool with rain threatening, though we only opened the umbrellas once so far. But today was sunny and warm, into the low 70s. We climbed a small mountain in the middle of the city. There is a Roman amphitheatre at the bottom, and Moorish fortifications all the way to the top. We took some hours climbing, with many stops to admire the views of Malaga, the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean. Maria clocked 16,650 steps.

I have been fighting a cold, but this day in the sun helped a lot.

Of to bed, we have an excursion tomorrow.