Goodbye to Bhutan

Yesterday was our last day in Bhutan. We’re sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Delhi.

We had an easy day yesterday. Visited the local fortress and the nearby national museum, which was damaged in a recent earthquake and mercifully only has four rooms of exhibits open.
Walked around town doing some last minute shopping and went back to the hotel to pack. At 4:30, there was a knock on our door and two women came in to get us into the national dress, a floor length skirt and little jacket for Maria and the bathrobe-looking robe for me.
Then we went downstairs for a folkdance group who shared a variety of songs and dances. Then our last group dinner, and off to bed. Up at 3:15 to check in to tomorrow’s flight home, then to again at 5:00 to get breakfast and come here to the airport.