Been There, Done That

Today, we visited government buildings, the most worthless thing to see on any tour. The British were bad, but left all this nice stuff. There were some colorful birds on the lawns. Then we stopped in a park where Gandhi was cremated.

New Delhi is surprisingly clean and organized. Traffic moves fairly smoothly, if a bit crazily. The smokey, animal manure smell of the past is gone. All public transport vehicles are powered by natural gas or electricity, including the tuktuks. There are hardly any beggars. The new (10 years old) metro system is clean and fast, although the fare paying system, in the typical Indian manner, is overly complex.
Next stop, the largest mosque in India followed by another pedal rickshaw ride through Old Delhi. Our first experience in the old city was much better, but this was a fun time.
Lunch at another fine North Indian restaurant was good. Our afternoon nap was better.
Tomorrow, we’re off to Bhutan. Internet access will be iffy, so don’t know when we’ll be able to write. We’re looking forward to cooler weather in the mountains. 4:30am departure. With luck, we’ll see Mt. Everest from the plane.