Finally in La Paz

Woke up at 1:45 this morning to catch a 5:00am flight to Chicago then on to Los Cabos. Flight was uneventful, we arrived around 12:45 and after immigration, car rental (Alamo was really great!), all at a Mexican pace we were on the road by 2:00 for what we expected would be a 2-1/2 hour drive up to La Paz.

Starting out, we drove the road between San Juan del Cabo, a “real” town and Cabo San Lucas, empty desert meeting beautiful beaches and clear blue water, blighted by resorts and ugly commerce serving drunken frat bros on spring break. Somewhere we took a wrong turn, stopped a couple of guys and asked where the road to La Paz was, and found ourselves heading on some back road to the airport where we had started 80 minutes earlier.

So this time we spotted a cop car writing a ticket to a motorcycle. When the cops were done, we asked them how to get to the La Paz road. “Follow us” they said and took us on an exciting ride through the back streets of Cabo, running stop signs, passing school busses, little short blasts on the siren to get people out of the way. Good thing, we would have never found our way.

Two plus hours through cactus-studded desert, then 45 more minutes through city traffic and we arrived at our hotel.

We have been up for 22 hours. Time to sleep. More later.